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API category browsing

This API leverages category browsing endpoints to implement browsing capabilities. You can refine the category browsing result by supplying filter information, e.g in the brand or color parameter.

Full category tree

You’re able to retrieve the full or partial category tree using the /categories endpoint:

GET /v3/:appid/categories
<ns3:category xmlns:ns2="" 
      count="825772" id="27165">
  <!-- a meta tree name, ignore -->
  <name>smatch skin apiv3 08 2012</name>
    <!-- product count and id -->
    <category count="326471" id="27166">
      <!-- displayable name -->
      <!-- child categories -->
      <children> ... </children>
    <category count="185340" id="27442"> ... </category>
    <category count="44844" id="27443"> ... </category>
    <category count="306359" id="27444">

Base category tree

With appid base you can retrieve the base category tree, which represents our normalized category tree. It is not possible to browse to products in this tree.

GET /v3/base/categories

Products in a category

In order to browse the products in categories, just call the products endpoint for the specific category. See the API product search section for details on sort, paginating and filtering product result lists. See the API product details section for product marshalling details.

GET /v3/:appid/category/:id/products

You can only request products of one category in each request! You can only request up to 150 characters as search term!


To filter the category result, you are able to do an additional search by term inside the selected category like:

GET /v3/:appid/category/:id/products?q=:term

Related categories are available for most categories. They are also encapsulated in the <related> block as <categories> element with a source element <source>. The category in <source> is the currently selected one, all others are related categories.

        <ns2:category id="42">
          <name>Herren Hosen</name>
          <link href="http://..." rel="products"/>
          <link href="http://..." rel="self"/>
      <ns2:category id="43">
        <name>Herren Jacken</name>
        <link href="http://..." rel="products"/>
        <link href="http://..." rel="self"/>