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API export

Use this API endpoint to do an export of products (tipp: it is a lot faster than iterate over the data set by increasing the page number!). You can fetch a given amount of products an iterate through the whole set of products by submitting a cursor. By default you get an amount of 40 products and start without submitting a cursor value.

GET /v3/:appid/export

When submitting a parameter pageElements, you can define the amount of products to be returned. A maximum of 10.000 is allowed.

GET /v3/:appid/export?pageElements=:count

To get the next products use the link with rel=”next” from response. There we add an URL with the cursor value for the next products and the given value for pageElements. The cursor represents the start position for the next iteration, but don’t depends on the pageElements parameter. If you want to, you can always change the pageElements value during iteration.

If no link with rel=”next” (or the whole “links” tag is missing) is deliverd in response, the end of iteration is reached.

Because we support iteration just by cursor, the page parameter is ignored and always set to “-1”.

In some cases the response can be empty, if the last products fitted completely in previous response.

<ns3:category xmlns:ns2="" 
      count="825772" id="27165">
<products xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns3="" size="40" totalResults="123456" page="-1" pageElements="40" totalPages="3087">
  <product id="1">...</product>
  <product id="2">...</product>
  <product id="3">...</product>
  <link rel="next" href="http://api.../export?pageElements=:count&cursor=:cursor"/>