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June 29, 2016 / by Torsten Bøgh Köster / CTO / @tboeghk

Berlin Buzzwords 2016

Kafka & Flink. That pretty much sums up this year’s edition of Berlin Buzzwords. The Buzzwords conference is maybe the place in germany or even europe to exchange the latest and hottest tools and techniques in search, scale & store. At this edition, our very own Tobias Kässmann had the chance to present our take on fighting product search seo spam.

Tobias presented our approach of fighting seo spam in our product search engine during the search track (see recording above). I personally enjoyed Grant Ingersols talk how to apply video games to our every day (search) work. Andrew Cleggs talk about learn to rank at Etsy was an eye opener and triggered some tickets in our own backlog.

Sadly, the search track was not as complete as the other tracks. The scale and store tracks could easily be combined to a streaming track, which would not be bad at all, as it is the emerging technique. But the focus on Kafka & Flink in (almost) each and every talk was pretty tiresome.

What definitely stuck was the awesome keynote by Diane Mueller-Klingspor on Inspiring the Next Generation to Run Away and Join Our Software Circus which left the feeling that - as a dad - there will be a lot of work to do in computer science class at school.

Photo by Thomas Wegner/Berlin Buzzwords