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20.03.2015 – Torsten B. Köster – latest article
Search Technology Meetup Hamburg (March 2015 edition)

We had the pleasure to host the 2nd edition of the Search Technology Meetup Hamburg this week. This time we focused on Elasticsearch and welcomed Dr. Patrick Peschlow (CenterDevice), Jens Fischer (ePages) and Timo Zingel (frontlineshop) to share their experience with Elasticsearch.

Featured authors

  • 11.03.2015 – Tobias Kässmann
    Bad sentence detector for descriptions

    We are often faced with the problem that some product descriptions are spammed with (in case of product search) useless content. This might be a fitting or style descriptions. The problem is that this content is equally important to the significant part of the text. This post will give you a short example how to deal with this problem.

  • 01.03.2015 – Jörg Rathlev
    Using the new java.time API with PostgreSQL

    This article gives you a short overview of how to use Java 8’s new date and time classes with JDBC. Example code is included for storing and retrieving timestamps in a relational database.

  • 25.02.2015 – Kim Hogeling
    Shopping24 Hacking Days Winter 2014

    2 days in the last week of the year again gave room to explore some of the ideas and projects the shopping24 developers had. We do this on a regular schedule, last time in August 2014.

  • 01.12.2014 – Conrad Kleinespel
    Why we moved away from jQuery & what we learned A few months ago, we spent time improving performance. A part of that was removing our dependency on jQuery. And we learned some things in the process.
  • 20.11.2014 – Tobias Kässmann
    Search technology meetup Hamburg

    This year, we started a new Search Technology Meetup for Hamburg and provided the location for it. Our goal is to create a search community that shares their experience & learnings. We are absolutely looking forward to provide space for other speakers, even if it’s not as technical as the first talks.

  • 07.11.2014 – Torsten Bøgh Köster
    More open source Solr components ftw!

    During the past weeks we evolved some nifty features for our product search engine. We’d like to share some of these features with the Solr community as there are a new boosting query parser and a response writer that handles Thymeleaf templates.

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