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Here you’ll find the documentation of our new API v3 and our jQuery JavaScript plugin. The jQuery plugin can be used to easily extend websites with product data delivered by shopping24. Use the api for more complex integrations.

You can browse the product data and category tree available for you, using our api preview application. Log in using your appid and appkey to get started. If you have any problems or requests, please contact support. For the new API v3, start browsing by using the navigation of our documentation on the right.

shopping24 tech blog

Learn about solutions to current problems in our daily work. Those cover search as well as web performance or data subjects. These are the most current entries. Stay tuned for updates.

Featured authors

  • 04.03.2014 – Sven Kleese
    Querying a timestamp for a date

    I want to show you some ways to do date queries that I was presented over the years as “the” way to do it. Most of them have in common that they are not “the” way to do it. But they look good. That makes them false friends. I will show them in the order I learned about them.

  • 02.03.2014 – Kim Hogeling
    Stacking context, a deep dive

    Today stacked context, HTML elements flying all over the websites, can be found everywhere. I love it, but to get it done, I always catch myself wrestling with the position and z-index properties untill it magically works.. somehow..

    Although these properties look so simple, why is the stacking context acting so misteriously in some cases? About time I take a closer look at the behaviour of stacked context and document it for reference.

    Please join me on my little adventure!

  • 21.02.2014 – Jörg Rathlev
    Database Integration Tests with Vagrant and Maven

    How to use virtualization to run integration tests against a test environment that provides the same database as your production system.

  • 21.02.2014 – Daniel Lucks
    Building a Chrome Extension Today one of the most favorite browser used by web developers is Google Chrome. This browser not only provides very powerful developer tools. There are also a lot of useful extensions available in the Chrome Web Store - most of them developed by web developers as well. But wouldn't it be nice to create your own extension? This tutorial will show you how to.
  • 13.02.2014 – Henrik Niklaus
    Suited scrum

    Practicing scrum in real live projects is sometimes a tedious task. If you don’t suit scrum to your needs while retaining all basic principles you will probably fail. This snapshot of scrum practice at shopping24 reveals some of these required adaptions.

  • 07.02.2014 – Tobias Kässmann
    Big bad data - catch your entities in context of e-commerce

    We took a deeper dive into the domain of information retrieval where we’ve selected named entity recognition. There exists the naive concept, that this will solve all our entity extraction problems we’ve got with our product-texts: to extract unknown brands, sizes, colors, …. Join our journey through named entity recognition.

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