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Here you’ll find the documentation of our new API v3 and our jQuery JavaScript plugin. The jQuery plugin can be used to easily extend websites with product data delivered by shopping24. Use the api for more complex integrations.

You can browse the product data and category tree available for you, using our api preview application. Log in using your appid and appkey to get started. If you have any problems or requests, please contact support. For the new API v3, start browsing by using the navigation of our documentation on the right.

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24.04.2016 – Kim Hogelinglatest article
Monoids in F#, JS and PHP After watching Scott Wlaschin’s talk about functional programming patterns I got interested in monoids. But the examples are in F#. Let’s try it out in JavaScript and PHP.

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  • 12.04.2016 – Robert Braatz
    Laravel und wir In den letzten Wochen und Monaten hat sich bei uns in der Webentwicklung einiges geändert. Grunt ist Geschichte, PHPUnit-Tests und javascript-Tests werden konsequent geschrieben und ein vernünftiges Monitoring wurde eingerichtet. Über die entscheidenste Änderung möchte ich ein paar Zeilen loswerden. Darf ich vorstellen? Unsere zwei neuen, besten Freunde Laravel und Artisan.
  • 29.02.2016 – Melanie Haessler
    GOTO 2015 - Berlin | a recap Conference Season 2015 came to an end - and my last one was GOTO Berlin. 2 days of awesome talks about Microservices, mastering Mobile, Agility, Privacy & Security, Web API’s and of course Docker and Alternatives.
  • 26.02.2016 – Henrik Niklaus
    Building a mobile device lab at shopping24 The mobile traffic on our portals has a share of 45% to 55% and rising. The ability to strongly test portals under real live circumstances would gain a great benefit. As consequence we at shopping24 have build a mobile device lab. With lego.
  • 15.02.2016 – Tobias Kässmann
    Solr and RAKE: Your Keywordextraction toolkit Keywordextraction is a nice Natural language processing (NLP) technology to reduce long text to it’s relevant tags. There are a lot of use cases in the Text-Mining field: From reduce your lucene index size, speedup your search requests up to deliver relevant advertisements to your customers based on text. Let me give you a hint how we deal with this problem.
  • 15.02.2016 – Melanie Haessler
    DevFest 2015 - HH | a late recap Would it be just another conference in these cold days? NO - it would be 2 days of fun, meeting new people, try out new stuff…and yummy Pizza :)
  • 21.01.2016 – Markus Heiden
    Maven integration testing with Redis We have experienced too much downsides of the redis-maven-plugin, which uses a Java reimplementation of Redis. So we decided to use a real Redis server for our integration tests.

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