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Here you’ll find the documentation of our new API v3 and our jQuery JavaScript plugin. The jQuery plugin can be used to easily extend websites with product data delivered by shopping24. Use the api for more complex integrations.

You can browse the product data and category tree available for you, using our api preview application. Log in using your appid and appkey to get started. If you have any problems or requests, please contact support. For the new API v3, start browsing by using the navigation of our documentation on the right.

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23.07.2015 – Torsten Bøgh Kösterlatest article
Search Technology Meetup IV In the fourth edition of our Search Technology Meetup Hamburg we were able to welcome Alexander Reelsen (Elastic) and Uwe Schindler (Lucene Committer). This time we met at Xing’s fabulous Hamburg headquarter.

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  • 26.06.2015 – Torben Greulich
    Feedimport with jenkins One of our daily challenges is to download and import plenty of product data in different forms. When we were planning a new tool to do this, we came up with Jenkins. This post shows why we chose jenkins and how we implemented a Jenkins plugin.
  • 24.06.2015 – Jörg Rathlev
    Migrating to JSON in PostgreSQL PostgreSQL offers a JSON column type, but how do you migrate existing data into a JSON-based structure?
  • 05.06.2015 – Tobias Kässmann
    Search Technology Meetup III - Solr special Event We recently had a new edition of the Search Technology Meetup with some great talks under the topic ‘Apache Solr’.
  • 27.05.2015 – Kim Hogeling
    JavaScript command pattern for undo and redo Being able to undo and redo actions is awesome! I already knew the command pattern, but as always everything is different in JavaScript. After figuring it out I want to share how it works.
  • 12.05.2015 – Kim Hogeling
    JavaScript inheritance explained very simple JavaScript inheritance is something explained by a million people in a million different ways. It can be explained so simple, because correct inheritance only takes two simple steps to achieve. Prototype chaining and constructor stealing is all you need. This is my very simple explanation.
  • 30.04.2015 – Conrad Kleinespel
    6 months at shopping24 I just spent 6 months at shopping24. From July 14th 2014 to December 31st 2014, I was an intern at shopping24 GmbH. I moved from Paris, where I study in the school 42, to Hamburg for that time.

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